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Onboarding workflows and automation
Onboarding workflows and automation

Create workflows and automate repetitive onboarding tasks.

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You can make your company onboarding process more time-efficient by creating workflows and automating repetitive onboarding tasks across departments. Replace paper documents with digital processes that are triggered when the time is right.

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Create workflows

To add a new Workflow:

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Onboarding, then click Workflows.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. Enter a title and if required a description.

  5. Select whether this can be assigned to all teams or just specific teams.

  6. You can link relevant Task Templates with your Workflow. Click on the ➕ to add a task to the workflow, then select a task template.

  7. To make any amendments to the task, click on the task.

Options to edit on the task then appear.

📌TIP: Use ''-'' to specify days before the start date and 0 if a task should be sent and/or completed the same day as start date.

If required, you can add more tasks and even link other tasks to make one task follow immediately after the previous task is completed. To link tasks click on the ➕ on the bottom of the previous task.

Alternatively add another task like in step 6 Once done the task will be listed underneath as a separate task.

Click and drag the follow up task underneath the first task, and slightly move it to the right, then let go when an indented box appears underneath.

When listed with an indent, this shows the task can only be done once the task above has been completed.

9. Once you are finished, click Save.

To edit a workflow click on the pencil ✏️ icon. To duplicate a workflow click on the folded papers icon.

Create automations

Once workflows are set up you can automate them.

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Onboarding, then click Automations.

  3. Click Add new. 

  4. Set up a certain workflow to be triggered once a new employee is assigned to specific team, location, or position.

    📎NOTE: Teams/Locations should be specified at a time when new employee's profile is created, otherwise, the workflow will not be automatically triggered.

  5. Click Save.

Now you are all set and can be assured that the correct process is followed each time you onboard a new employee.

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