Set up career pages

Set up and customise your career pages that can list published job vacancies for potential applicants.

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You can enable and set up career pages to help promote job positions for potential applicants. You can use this link to help direct traffic to this page through your relevant channels.

You can amend how it looks, as well as customise legal text such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Recruitment, then click Career pages.

    You see your recruitment groups listed, showing the following information.

    • Group name

    • Logo - This shows a preview of it

    • Company name, if added

    • Whether a careers page has been enabled

    • Whether terms and conditions have been added

    • Whether privacy policy has been added

  3. Click on the pencil icon of the recruitment group you want to set up the career page for.

  4. Select Enable Careers page.

    When enabled, a unique landing page that lists all active positions in this recruitment group will be accessible publicly.

    You are then provided with a URL to this career page, as well as an embeddable link.

  5. You can select whether you want the company name to show on the careers page.

  6. You can upload a company logo for this page.

  7. By default the company name shows as the name of the recruitment group, however, you can enter something different under Company name.

  8. If required you can amend the colour of your company name on the careers page. When you amend this color, the company name changes, as well as the dot by the recruitment group name.

  9. If required, enter a company description. This will appear under the company name on the career page.

  10. Click Save.

When you click on the link to the career page, it may look like something below, with a company logo, company name, company description and listed vacancies that have been made public.

📎NOTE: Only appear on the career page if the position has been set to published, and assigned to the hiring team of that recruitment group - Read more >

📌TIP: You can also make vacancies from sub-groups appear on a main group career page. When you edit a career page, click the Advanced tab, select the relevant subgroups and click Save.

Legal Text

When you set up your career page, enter your legal text such as Terms & Conditions and/or your privacy policy so applicants can read these before agreeing to them.

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