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Customise career page for a position
Customise career page for a position

How to set up a career page for a position you want to recruit.

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You can create a career page to promote a job opportunity for a role that you are recruiting. You can then share links of this career page to direct potential applicants to apply for the position.

  1. On the main menu click Recruitment.

  2. On the Positions tab, click on the position you want to set up the career page for.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click on the Visibility tab.

    📎NOTE: If the visibility isn't already set to Published, select it, click Save, then click edit to return to the visibility tab.

You can see the URL of this position's career page.

There are changes you can make to this position's career page.

Add expiration date

You can have the career page expire after a specified date. After this date, the page visibility automatically changes from Published to Internal.

Application page language

You can amend the language of application.

Heading colour

You can either use the default colour, or you can use a custom colour unique for this position.

You can select a colour using the palette, or you can enter a specific hex code.


You can amend the background of your career page. This can be either a different colour or you can even upload an image.

📌TIP: You can amend the text colour if it's difficult to read on your new background.


You can choose whether you want to show a sidebar on the right side with a list of other jobs.

If you choose to have a side bar you can:

  • Choose to have a 'Refer a friend' option

  • Amend the sidebar colour

  • Have social media sharing options

Show/hide employment type

Choose whether you want the employment type to show.

Show/hide team name

Choose whether you want the team name to show.

Text colour

You can amend the colour of the text from the default grey.

📌TIP: This is useful if the text doesn't show clearly after you change your background.

📎NOTE: The colour of the position header is controlled in your career pages settings.

Button colour

You can amend the colour of buttons on the career page.

Change font style

You can amend the style of the font.

Add a unique source

You can create a unique link to this position. You can then share this link and correctly track referral sources. For example, if you want to track how many applicants were sourced from sharing the application page on LinkedIn.

Applicants are asked to read your Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy. These can't be clicked on to read unless you have entered legal text in your career pages settings.

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