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Create unique links to position that you can share online and correctly track referral sources

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When you add a position and select it to be published, which means the position is visible in career page and has its own unique application page, a unique source URL is created by Sage HR.

What you can also do is add a custom source URL to help you correctly track referral sources. For example you may want to track if the source came from LinkedIn or Twitter etc.

  1. On the main menu, click Recruitment.

  2. Click on the Positions tab.

  3. Click on an existing position and click the ✏️Edit.

  4. On the menu on the left of the position window, click Visibility., then make sure Published is selected.

  5. Scroll to the bottom to find Unique sources section. Click Add new source:

  6. Give it a name (which will appear in the report), enter the desired keyword in unique link field which will appear at the end of the default shareable link, then click Save.

    For example if you want to track that applicants applied using this link via LinkedIn, you could as linkedin as a unique link.

    Click on the Copy to Clipboard icon on the right hand side and you are ready to paste your unique source URL in your LinkedIn job post, or wherever else you want to share it.

With Sage HR you can look at the sources report at any time.

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