If you've set up an employee with an incorrect start date, you can amend this.

The steps to do this do differ if your Sage HR integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll - this is called Sage HR Online Services.

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Sage HR

  1. Log in to Sage HR as an admin.

  2. Go to the employee's profile.

    Make sure you're on the employee tab of the profile menu.

  3. Under Employment start date click on the date.

  4. Select the correct date.

  5. Scroll down and click Save.

📎NOTE: If the start date is greyed out with a lock symbol, this means either you don't have permission to amend it, or you use Sage HR Online Services and must follow the steps in the section below instead.

Sage HR Online Services (UK only)

If you have set up an employee with the wrong start date, this can't be amended directly in Sage HR Online Services, instead, you have the following options to amend someone's start date:

  • Amend their start date in Sage 50cloud Payroll then upload their payslips.

  • Use import template to reimport employee and their amended start date.

  • Terminate and delete the employee and set them up again with the correct start date.

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