If you have additional users who process in Sage 50 Payroll, you can control whether or not they have access to the Online Services Settings options. This is how you can give users access to upload payslips.

For steps please view our Sage 50 Payroll guide.

Can users who can upload payslips also view the payslips in Sage HR Online Services?

Only the main admin, the user who first set up Sage HR Online Services, has access by default to both upload payslips and view them in Sage HR Online Services.

Any additional user you grant access to upload payslips, if you want them to be able to view the uploaded payslips, you must make them an admin user in Sage HR Online Services.

You can either:

  • Give an existing employee user in Sage HR Online Services admin access - Read more >

  • Create a new admin-only user profile - Read more >

⚠️CAUTION: Admin users in Sage HR Online Services see all employees and their payslips, you can't choose which employees they can see. Only give this access if you are fine with the user being able to see all employees.

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