If your clock in setting isn't enabled, an employee's timesheet hours can be entered or amended by both admins and the employee themselves.

If an employee notifies you that they can't enter any time sheet options, whether it is because they have no timesheets option or the start, finish and break fields can't be clicked on, please make the checks listed below.

Check the employee is in a timesheets group

An employee doesn't have access to timesheets unless they've been assigned to a timesheets group - Read more >

You can check if the employee is in a timesheets group by clicking on the number next to the group in the Employees column.

This will then list every employee in that group.

If you click on the number next to Employees without timesheets you will see every employee listed who isn't yet assigned to a timesheet group.

Check if 'Clock in' feature is enabled

If your clock in feature is enabled, this means timesheets can't be entered manually. For an employee, the drop down fields will show as greyed out and not be able to be clicked on like in the screenshot below.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings

  2. On the settings menu click Timesheets, then click Time clocking.

  3. Check to see if Enable time clock in switched on.

If it is switched on, you have two options

  • Turn off Enable clock in - However this means nobody will be able to clock in or out.

  • Add clock ins manually - If you need to keep clock in enabled, because other employees use this feature, instead of entering timesheets, the employee or an admin must add clock ins manually.

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