I can't clock in

What to do as an employee user if you can't clock in or out.

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Depending on how you've been set up, you may have the option in Sage HR to clock in and out to keep track of the hours you've worked.

If you're having trouble trying to clock in or out make the following checks.

Do you have a clock in/option that shows on your Dashboard?


Sage HR app

I don't have a clock in or out option

If you don't have a clock in option please contact your HR admin for them to check their settings, as they may not have enabled clock in, or added you to a timesheets group yet.

You may also want to check your Dashboard widgets if you're logged into the website version of Sage HR. It may have been removed, which you can easily re-add.

I have a clock in option but it's not working

Please try the following checks

  • Log out then log back in

  • If you're using the Sage HR app, try the website version instead.

  • Try a different internet browser

  • Try a different device.

If you're still experiencing problems please contact your HR admin for them to look into.

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