Create time off policy based on working pattern

How to make a time off policy calculate allowance using an employee's working pattern.

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When you create a time off policy you must choose how the policy determines what days or hours count against an employee's time off allowance, depending on whether a full or part-day request is made.

You can choose to have the time off policy base working days and daily working hours on working patterns.

This type of policy once then calculates the allowance of the employees considering the working pattern they are assigned to, and the working pattern schedule will be considered to allow or decline requested time off.

  1. Click your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Time off, then click Policies.

  3. Click Add new policy.​

  4. Make sure you select Working pattern where it asks you what Sage HR should consider to determine working days and daily working hours for this policy.

  5. Configure the rest of the time off policy settings to what you need.

📎NOTE: For a working pattern-based time off policy to work, you must have at least one working day that matches with the employees default working hours.

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