To resolve why your employee doesn't have a welcome email, make the following checks.

Check junk or spam folder

Ask your employee to check their junk or spam folder and check their email security doesn't block the email addresses:

Check their email address

Check you've entered the correct email address when you set up the employee for Sage HR Online Services. It could be that the email address you entered has a typo, or they are expecting the welcome email to a different email address. If it is wrong, follow the steps in our guide to change their email address - Read more >

Resend the welcome email

If the email address is correct, you can resend a welcome email to the employee. This is handy to do also if their welcome email has expired - Read more >

Employee still doesn't receive welcome email

After ensuring that you have a done all the checks above, if your employee still doesn't receive a welcome email, terminate and delete the employee, then re-add the employee to Sage HR Online Services by uploading payslips from Sage 50cloud Payroll or by manually creating them in Sage HR Online Services.

  1. Terminate the employee - Read more >

  2. Delete the terminated employee - Read more >

Now the employee has been deleted in Sage HR Online Services, re-add the employee to see if that sends the welcome email. You should trying re-adding the employee by uploading their payslips from Sage 50cloud Payroll, then if that doesn't work try re-adding them by manually creating them directly in Sage HR Online Services.

Re-add employee by uploading payslips

Import the employee via Sage 50cloud Payroll and check whether the employee receives their welcome email. To do this upload their historical payslips - Read more >

📌TIP: If the employee doesn't have any historical payslips, you can upload a 'dummy' payslip. This uploads a fake e.g. 1p payslip to be deleted later, just so your employee is added into Sage HR Online Services immediately - Read more >

This sends a welcome email to the employee from [email protected]. Check with your employee that they have received it.

If the employee still doesn't have the welcome email, and it isn't in their junk folder, then follow the steps in the next section.

Re-add employee by manually adding the employee

If the employee still hasn't a received a welcome email after re-adding them via Sage 50cloud Payroll, follow these steps:

  1. Repeat terminating and deleting the employee.

  2. Then manually add the employee in Sage HR Online Services - Read more >

    Make sure Send welcome email is selected.

    Once added manually, as long as the email addresses match, your employee's profile will link to their record in Sage 50cloud Payroll when their payslips are uploaded.

This sends a welcome email to the employee from [email protected] . Check with your employee that they have received it.

If the employee still doesn't receive their welcome email, then it is their email security blocking the welcome emails. Please resolve their email security or request they provide an alternative email address to be set up with for Sage HR Online Services.

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