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Sage HR Newsletter - October 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - October 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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In our newsletter this month, we're thinking ahead to the festive period where there may be things you want to put in place in preparation. This is why we cover how to prevent holidays being taken on certain days. We also have some useful tips on how you can edit multiple profiles from one page, and how to categorise your announcement posts.

Prevent specific dates being booked off

The upcoming Christmas period can be a busy one depending on what your business does. This means you may require staff to have to work certain dates to deal with the expected demand on those days. As a result, you'll want to prevent employees being able to book time off on specific dates.

This is possible to do in Sage HR by creating blackout dates.

Making changes to employees in bulk

Making changes to an employee's profile can be a tedious and time consuming process, especially if you doing so for multiple people. A great time saving tool in Sage HR is Mass editing. This tool makes it possible to check and edit multiple employees' data from a single page.

Categorise you announcements

Announcements in Sage HR are a great way to mass communicate information to people in your company. When you create an announcement you can assign it a topic. You can create any new topics you want or need too. Topics are a useful way to group together certain types of announcements which you can then filter on your newsfeed.

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