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Mass editing

Edit your multiple employees' information from a single page.

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Mass editing is a time-saving tool that helps you to check and edit employee data from a single page.

  1. Click on your name in the top right.

  2. Click Settings, then click Employee data.

  3. Click Mass editing.

Choose which columns show

Details you can see and edit only appear if you enable them to show.

  1. Click Edit columns in table.

  2. Select the columns you want to check and edit.

    📎NOTE: You might need to wait a few seconds for the data to load. 

  3. Scroll down, then click Save.

Edit employees

Edit employees individually

  1. Click the dropdown in the relevant column.

  2. Select the relevant option to change to.

  3. Click the green tick ✔️ next to it to save changes.

    📎NOTE: Do this before you progress to the next line, otherwise the changes made will not save.

Edit a field for multiple employees at the same time

You can make a specific change for multiple employees at the same time, for example, a position.

  1. Select the employees that you want to edit.

  2. Click Update.

  3. Select the field and change the field value.​

  4. Click Save.

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