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Remove training from training type
Remove training from training type

How to unassign someone's training from a training type.

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If you want to delete a training type, you can't do so if there are employees' training assigned to that training type. To do that you need to unassign them from the training type first.

Find the training that needs to be unassigned

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Employee data, then click Training.

  3. To view who is assigned to the training type, click on the number that shows on the Training type.

    This then shows a list of who is assigned to this training type and the title of their training.

  4. To unassign them you need to amend or delete the trainings for the listed employees.

  5. There are two ways to do this

    • From the training tab on the employee's profile

    • Training report - Reports > Employee data > Training

Once you are on the training, follow the steps in the next section to remove it from the training type.

Remove training from training type

  1. Find the relevant training on either the employee's profile or from the training report.

  2. To reassign it to another training, click on the pencil icon.

  3. Under Training type select another training type, then scroll down and click Save.

  4. Scroll down and click Save.

📌TIP: Alternatively you can click the delete icon on the training to remove it from a training type. However, you'll need to create the training again if you need the training to show.

The employee now doesn't show on the training type in your training settings. Once you have done the same thing for anyone else also listed for that training type, you can then delete the training type.

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