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Sage HR Newsletter - January 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - January 2021

Useful tips and advice on common tasks in the beginning of the year.

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A new year brings on another year of HR tasks to do. This month's newsletter provides advice on how to add carried over leave from last year retrospectively to this year, how employees can book their time off this year, how to install the Sage HR app, and how you can use Sage HR to help with your recruitment process.

Retrospectively add carried over leave from 2020 into the 2021 holiday year

Now it is the start of a new year, your holiday year may also have just started. If you have forgotten to set your policies to carry over allowances from the previous holiday year, you can still amend this retrospectively. This ensures balances are brought forward into the new current holiday year.

To see where you can do this in an employee’s profile - Read more >

📌TIP: Once you’ve amended the carried over allowances from 2020, you can set up Sage HR so that at the end of 2021, any unused balances are automatically carried over into 2022 - Read more >

Requesting time off in Sage HR

Now we're in a new calendar year, it is common for employees to plan their time off for the rest of the year and request these dates off.

To help employees do this, or to do this on their behalf, our guide explains how to request time off in Sage HR -

📌TIP: Set up an Announcement and paste the link to the request time off guide so your employees can all access it easily at any time.

Sage HR app for mobile phones

Did your employees get a new mobile phone for Christmas and need to set up the Sage HR app again?

Share our guide on how to download and install the Sage HR app. The guide has links to download it via the Google Play Store or Apple iOS store. There’s also a very useful section on how employees can find your company domain in their welcome email too.

📌TIP: We also have a collection of guides on how to use the Sage HR app such as how to request time off and submit expenses on the app - Read more >

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