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Sage HR - No payroll integration
Set up Sage HR (No Sage payroll integration)
Set up Sage HR (No Sage payroll integration)

A step by step guide on how to set up Sage HR (not integrated with any Sage payroll software).

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If you want to start using Sage HR and its HR modules, with no Sage payroll integration, use this guide. We run through how to sign up, and set up your company so you can start using the Sage HR modules.

📎NOTE: If you use Sage 50 Payroll (UK only) and want to set up Sage HR so it is integrated with your payroll software to upload payslips, please follow our guidance in Set up Sage HR Online Services.

Before you start

Before you set up Sage HR, please run through our 'Setup checklist' below and set up your employees.

Setup checklist

Complete the following preparation tasks and checks.

Set up Employees

Once you've made your preparation checks, you need to enter your employees into Sage HR. You can either do this manually if you don't have many, or you can import them into Sage HR using an Excel import file.

Set up Core HR

Set up your company in Sage HR to use all its core features.

Set up Leave Management

Set up time off policies, your calendar, and time off approvers to help you and your employees manage their time off with ease.

Set up Additional modules

If you have additional modules as well as Core HR and Leave Management, you will want to set these up too before you launch Sage HR to your employees.


Set up being able to record in Sage HR hours worked by your employees.

Shift Scheduling

Be able to create and manage shifts that your employees can view in Sage HR to know when they're working.


Set up the ability for employees to submit their expenses for approval.


Set up being able to track your employees development and progress towards achieving their goals.


Set up being able to track your applicants and streamline your recruitment process.

Invite your employees to Sage HR

Once you've set everything up, including additional modules if you have them, you can let your employees know about Sage HR and invite them to start using it.

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