Many legislations contemplate the possibility of an employee working during their leave.

For example in UK employees can take up to 10 Keep In Touch (KiT) days to return to work during some parental leaves, see more on here and here.

Sage HR helps tracking these days including a separate approval flow.

📎NOTE: To follow below steps you need the Leave Management module and have admin-level access to Sage HR company account.

Create a time off policy that allows keep in touch days

  1. Keep in touch days is only available for parental and bereavement policies. You can use to create that type of time off policy.

  2. Go to the section Conditions, and enter the number of days the employee will be able to go back to work during their vacations. Remember the amount of days must be equal or less than the allowance.

Create and cancel keep in touch requests

ℹ️ A keep in touch day can only be requested if the employee has an approved time off request. More how to request a parental leave in here.

  1. Go to your time off via your employee profile, See how you can do that via here.

  2. Click on the "KIT days" button to request a keep in touch day. Remember this button will appear only in the approved time off requests.

3. In the new modal, you can see the your KIT day balance (1), request a new KIT day by clicking on the button "NEW KIT DAY" (2) and a list with the requested KIT days and their status (3).

4. Fill up the date or dates you will want to request as keep in touch days and click on "REQUEST DAY" button. Remember: you can only request keep in touch days during your parental leave, not before or after it.

5. Once requested, your KIT balance will be deducted and the KIT day will be in the status "waiting for approval" and you will be able to cancel the request by clicking on the red X.

5. If you cancel the request, the KIT day balance will be updated and the status of the KIT day will change to "Canceled"

Approve and Decline keep in touch requests

ℹ️ A keep in touch day can only be approved or declined by employees holding the role of Admin or time off approver. This article explains how to set the time off approvers.

  1. The time off approver will receive an email to approve or decline the time off request

2. The time off approver will also receive a dashboard task to approve or decline the KIT day.

3. After the time off approver approves or declines the KIT day, this will change its status from waiting for approval to approved or declined

To keep in mind

📆 The keep in touch days will have no impact on the allowance nor the vacation requested. This means, if an employee requested a parental leave to end on March 22nd, and while on vacation they decide to take some KIT days, the employee day to return will stay on March 22nd and the leave allowance will not be extended.

🧮The used KIT day balance is calculated based on the sum of the approved and awaiting approval KIT day requests.

🚦The KIT days status have certain restrictions

  • Time off approvers can Approve and Decline KIT days, but they cannot be Cancel them.

  • Employees can request and cancel a KIT day request.

  • An Awaiting for approval KIT day request can be approved, canceled or declined.

  • An Approved KIT day request can be Declined or Cancel, but cannot go back to Awaiting for approval

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