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How to set up your company for Sage HR Online Services within your Online Services Settings of Sage 50 Payroll (UK Only).

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Your Sage 50 Payroll software can integrate with Sage HR so you can have an online portal for employees to access their uploaded payslips and P60s online securely, 24/7.

This version of Sage HR is called Sage HR Online Services. Follow the steps below to create and set up your Sage HR Online Services company.

1. Get ready for Sage HR Online Services

Before you start using Sage HR Online Services, please complete the preparation checks.

2. Sign in with your Sage account

When you set up Sage HR Online Services, the first step within Online Services Settings requires you to sign into your Online Services using your Sage account (formerly Sage ID).

We explain how to do this if you already have a Sage account, or even if you don't.

3. Register your company

After you sign in to your Online Services, you need to register your company for Online Services to create your Sage HR Online Services company.

4. Manage access to your Online Services Settings

If you have additional users who process payroll, you can control whether they have access to the Online Services Settings options in Sage 50 Payroll. This includes the ability to upload employee payslips and P60s.

5. Manage your employees

Manage your employee details in Online Services Settings.

📎NOTE: This includes entering an employee's email address. This is what they use to log in and view their payslips. This is why it's important you make sure it's correct.

6. Log in to Sage HR Online Services

Log in to your newly created Online Services portal for the first time. This is so you can continue your setup, such as configure your employee permissions which we run through in the next step.

7. Review employee permissions

Before you upload your employees' payslips you should check your employee permissions in Sage HR Online Services. These permissions control what employee users can see and access in this payslips portal.

📎NOTE: Employee users never see another employee's payslips unless you make them an admin user.

8. Add employees for the first time

To add your existing employees from Sage 50 Payroll into Sage HR Online Services, upload their historical payslips. This creates a Sage HR profile with their first name, last name, email address, and start date automatically populated. The employees' profile also shows their uploaded payslips.

📎NOTE: When you do this, these employees receive a welcome email, but also notifications about their uploaded payslips. They can't log in to view their payslips until after they set up their access from their welcome email.

9. Set up Core HR

If you have the Core HR module, which is included if you are a Sage 50 People Package customer, we recommend you set this up next.

If you don't have the Core HR module, move on to the next step.

📌TIP: Unsure whether you have the Core HR module? It's easy to check.

10. Redeem your free trial for the Sage HR modules

If you don't already have the Core HR module and you want to set up this or other additional Sage HR modules, such as Leave Management, you can redeem your free trial. It's easy to do.

11. Additional tasks

Once you set up your company, take a look at some additional tasks that we recommend you do, such as adding a company logo and entering additional employee details into Sage HR Online Services.

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