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Delete a terminated employee

How to delete an employee profile and their information in Sage HR if they have already been terminated.

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It's not possible to delete active employees. This is to avoid any accidental data loss. You can only delete an employee record that has been terminated.

If you want no record at all of an employee in Sage HR, we show you how to completely remove them in the steps below.

⚠️CAUTION: Deleting an employee is a permanent action. If you delete an employee you can't access any information from their employee record in Sage HR ever again. If this is done by accident you will have to add them again.

📎NOTE: This doesn't delete an employee's record in your Sage payroll software if you have it integrated with Sage HR.

Have you terminated the employee you want to delete?

You can't delete an employee until you've terminated them first.

I have terminated the employee

If you've already terminated them, move on to the next section.

I haven't terminated the employee

  1. Go to the employee's profile in Sage HR.

  2. On the Employee tab scroll down, then click Terminate.

  3. Complete the termination window, then click Terminate again.

📌TIP: As you're deleting the employee, it doesn't matter what termination reason you select.

Delete employee

  1. Logged in as an administrator, on the main menu, click Reports.

  2. Click Employee data, then click Terminated employees.

  3. Click the rubbish bin icon next to the employee you want to delete.

    📎NOTE: If the employee isn't on this report this means you either haven't terminated them, or you've already deleted them.

  4. Confirm whether you want to delete them by clicking, Yes, go ahead.

The employee record is now deleted from your Sage HR company.

Can I delete multiple employees at the same time?

Currently this isn't possible. If you have more than one employee you want to delete, you need to click the rubbish bin icon next to each employee.

Can I undo deleting an employee?

When you delete an employee from Sage HR this completely removes them from your Sage HR company.

There isn't a way to reverse this or retrieve their deleted Sage HR information. If you've deleted someone by accident your only option is to add the employee again.

Does this delete the employee from my payroll software?

No, this only deletes them from your company in Sage HR. You would need to delete them separately in your payroll software if you wanted no record of them there either.

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