Add notes to an employee's profile

Under each employee profile, notes can be added privately.

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An administrator or team manager can add notes about an employee on the employee's profile. The information can't be seen by the employee themselves, so it is a useful place to have information or documents that you don't want the employee to see.

📎NOTE: By default, notes can be seen by admins, as well as team managers and direct managers of the employee.

To prevent team managers and/or direct managers from being able to see employee notes, you can either de-select Visible to managers on an individual note, or you can disable their access to employee profiles in manager permissions.

  1. Click on an employee's profile.

  2. On the profile menu, click Notes.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. Enter the content of the note.

    📎NOTE: You can enter up to 700 characters

  5. If required, un-select Visible to managers.

  6. If required, click Add attachment to upload an attachment for the note.

    📌TIP: This is a handy way to upload documents to an employee's profile that you don't want the employee to see.

  7. Click Save.

📌TIP: If you wish to edit a note, click on the pencil icon. To delete a note, click on the rubbish bin icon.

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