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Sync your Sage HR calendar with Google or Outlook
Sync your Sage HR calendar with Google or Outlook

How to synchronise your Sage HR and Google/Outlook calendars together.

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Synchronising your Sage HR calendar with Google or Outlook is a great way of seeing who is off and when against other business appointments.

📎NOTE: If you need to Sync your calendar with other email providers such as iCal, Microsoft 365, you need to copy and paste a Subscription URL.

📎NOTE: This feature depends on the configuration of the external service.

⚠️ CAUTION: If you follow the below steps, iCal, Microsoft 365 or other providers will receive information of your own events such as dates, policy names and details. This also includes information from the events of other colleagues that you are able to see in your Calendar.

Sync with Google or Outlook calendar

📌TIP: These steps synchronise all employees that appear in your calendar. If you want to control which employees appear, use the Calendar filter, then sync your calendar using the Subscription URL instead.

  1. Click Calendar on the main menu.

  2. Towards the top right of the calendar, click Sync with my calendar.

  3. Under Google or Outlook, click Enable.

  4. You're then taken to authorise your Google or Outlook Account.

    📎NOTE: If you're synching with Outlook, you need to choose which Outlook calendar you want to integrate with, then click Save.

  5. Once authorised, new and updated events are pushed from Sage HR to your Google or Outlook calendar.

When enabled, you can disable the synchronisation following the same steps as above, but click Disable instead.

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