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'Suspicious activity on your account'
'Suspicious activity on your account'

What to do if you receive an email stating that there has been suspicious activity on your account a blocked access attempt.

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This email notification is sent from [email protected].

It states there has been a 'blocked access attempt' and 'suspicious activity on your account'. The email includes an approximate location and the IP address used for the login attempt.

The purpose of this email and blocking is to protect your account from potential data breaches.

Has my account been blocked?

Your account itself hasn't been blocked, it's only blocked at the IP address and location stated in your email.

What do I need to do?

This depends on whether the activity was you or not.

It was me

If the IP address and location match where you accessed your account, you can click the 'click here' link in the email to unblock access from that location to log in from there.

It wasn't me

If the IP address and location don't match where you were accessing your account from, for example, a different country to where you are, don't action anything on the email so that the IP address and location remain blocked.

Is there any further action I need to take if the access attempt wasn't me?

The following actions aren't necessary, but they're options you can take if you're concerned about the security of your account.

Reset your Sage account password

On your Sage account login page, click Forgot password? You can then follow the on-screen instructions to receive a password reset email to create a new password.

📎NOTE: Someone else can only reset your password if they have access to your email account, e.g. Gmail. You can also reset your password for your email account if you're concerned about the security of your account.

Set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you don't already have 2FA set up for your Sage account, an admin user for your Sage HR company can enable 2FA for their company so you can set 2FA up for your account. This adds an extra layer of security to your Sage account.

Temporarily disable access to your Sage HR account

An admin user can disable access to your Sage HR account. This means even in the unlikely event someone else does know your Sage account login details, they won't be able to access your account in Sage HR.

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