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View time off balance for last year
View time off balance for last year

How to see time off balances your employees for the previous year.

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If you need to see what time off balances for your employees were for last year, such as allowances, days used or unused days, you can get this information from the time off status report.

When you run this report for a specific time off policy, you can filter it by:

  • Period e.g. 1 Jan 23-1 Jan 24

  • Employees by teams and locations

Once you've run the report you can see the following information for the selected policy:

  • Allowance

  • Carry over from previous period

  • Days used

  • Days available

How to get to the time off status report

  1. Click Reports.

  2. Click Time off, then click Time off status.

  3. Select A time off policy, then select the relevant time off policy from the dropdown.

  4. Select the relevant period.

    EXAMPLE: If it's currently 2024, to view information for last year, on the Period drop-down, select 01-01-2023 - 01-01-2024.

  5. If you know what team and location the employee is, click on the Filter employees dropdowns to easily find the employee in the list that appears when you run the report.

  6. Click Run report to view this information or you can clock Download Excel to view it as a downloaded Excel spreadsheet.

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