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Integrate with other accounting software - Sage Payroll

This article explains how to set up integration with other accounting software (Canada only)

Written by Wayne Pickard
Updated over a week ago

What is accounting integration?

Accounting integration helps you post your pay run transactions into your accounting software.

Select the pay components you use in Payroll and map them to your accounting software GL (General Ledger) accounts.

Save time and reduce errors by exporting your payroll transactions each pay period and importing them into your accounting software.

You can view a video of this process below:

Before you start

You may need to access your accounting software or have a list of GL account numbers to help map the pay components in Sage Payroll.

There are three steps to complete the integration set up:

  • Map payment types
    Tell us which entry in your chart of accounts matches each payment type in payroll by entering the GL account number.

  • Map pay components

    Match the pay components from Sage Payroll to the GL account numbers in your accounting software.

  • Review your GL account numbers

    Before you complete the integration setup, check the GL accounts you've entered and edit them if needed.

Set up accounting integration

  1. Select Accounting, then Set up other accounting integration.

    Accounting selected on the left side of the screen, and Set up other accounting integration button is highlighted at the bottom of the screen
  2. In the Map payment types window, enter the GL account number you use to record the payments to your employees, then select Next.
    📎 Note: You must enter a GL account number for each payment method.

  3. In the Map pay components window, enter the GL account numbers for any pay components used in Sage Payroll.
    For each pay component, enter the GL account number once, as a Credit or a Debit.

  4. Repeat this for each pay component type you use in Payroll.
    When you've entered GL account numbers for all of your pay components, select Next.

    📌 Tip: Access the different pay component types (Earnings, Deductions, Additions
    and Tax) using the tabs on the left of the window.

    Pay component types from the left side of the screen: Earnings, Deductions, Additions and Tax

  5. On the Review and complete window, check that all GL account numbers have been entered correctly.
    Select Edit If you need to change any GL account numbers.

    Select Complete when you've mapped each pay component you use in Payroll.

Your integration set up is complete.

Edit accounting integration settings

To add a new pay component that was not mapped as part of the initial set up or change the GL account numbers:

  1. Select Accounting.

  2. In Transaction summary, select Edit transaction summary.

  3. Edit the mapped components or add the GL Account number for the new component, then select Complete.

Export payroll journal file

When you complete a pay run, export a payroll journal file that can be imported into your accounting software.

📌 Tip: If you've not completed your first pay run, select Start your first pay run.

For help completing a pay run, read our Process a pay run article.

  1. Select Accounting.

  2. Select the pay run you want to export from the Completed pay runs table.

    Pay runs that can be exported have the status: Ready for export.
    Pay runs that have already been exported have the status: Exported.

    Example of the status indicators. One reads: Ready for export. The other reads: Exported

    📌 Tip: Search for specific pay runs by entering dates, types or status of a pay run into the search field.

  3. Select Export payroll journal to create the export file.

    When the export file is created, a successful prompt appears:

    <Payroll journal name>.CSV has been successfully exported to your device.

    Export success pop up message. The text in the message reads: Payroll journal name.CSV has been successfully exported to your device.

    📌 Tip: Exported files are saved to your downloads folder.

    Contact your accounting software provider if you need help amending and importing the journal file.

Other information on the accounting integration window.

Here is a breakdown of the other information in the accounting integration window.

The page shows information about the pay run selected in the Completed pay runs table.

Payroll journal details
A summary of the completed pay run in the table detailing:

  • The pay run dates

  • Payroll company

  • Pay group name

  • Frequency

  • Tax year

  • Updated by - shows the user that completed the pay run.

Transaction summary
A list of the pay components used in the completed pay run and the GL account numbers the journals will be posted to.

Select Edit transaction summary if any of the GL account numbers are not correct or if you need to add new pay components that were not previously mapped.

How to change the accounting integration set up

To change the accounting software Sage Payroll integrates with:

  1. Select Accounting.

  2. Select Change accounting setup at the top right corner of the window.

    Change accounting setup text is highlighted at the top right corner of the Sage Payroll window.
  3. Select the option you want to integrate with from the accounting integration selection window.

    The Accounting integration window, with options for Sage Accounting and Other accounting software options.

    📎 Note: Changing the integration requires the GL accounts to be remapped. All previous selections will be lost.

If you use Sage Accounting, you can set up the link and have all of your financial information from each pay run sent directly from Payroll.

To set up integration with Sage Accounting, Read our Integrate with Accounting article.

📎 Note: You can only link Payroll and Accounting companies that use the same Sage account.
Check the companies you want to link are accessed using the same Sage account login.

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