Accounting Integration is a way of linking Sage Business Cloud Payroll and Sage Business Cloud Accounting. If you have access to both, you can set up the link and have all of your financial information from each pay run sent directly from Payroll. This saves time and reduces the potential for any inaccuracies in your data.

This article covers:

Set up Accounting Integration

To be able to set up your integration you'll need to know:

  • The Accounting company you want to link to.

  • Which bank accounts you want to use in Accounting for the pay run payment.

  • Where you want each type of payment and deduction to post to in Accounting.

Once you have that information:

  1. From Payroll, select the Accounting tab.

  2. Select Set Up Now.

  3. Choose the Accounting company you want to link to, then select Next.

  4. Select different options for the Payment Type Mapping and Pay Component Mapping sections as required.

  5. Once you've made your changes, select Save.

Once you've finished setting up Accounting Integration, the Accounting tab shows any completed pay runs that are available to post to Accounting.

If you have manually created transactions in Accounting for existing pay runs, posting them again from Payroll will duplicate the values and make your data in Accounting inaccurate.

Post transactions to Accounting

Once the integration is set up, you can view your completed pay runs in the Accounting tab.

Each completed pay run appears as two separate lines in the Accounting Transactions section. The Type column indicates what information is included for each transaction.




The financial information relating to your pay run that does not


The total of all the payments you made to your employees for the pay run.


The other parts of your pay run that are not the payments to your employees. For example, wages, taxes and deductions.

To post a transaction to Accounting:

  1. From the Accounting tab in Payroll, from the Accounting Transactions list, select the transaction you want to post.

    The totals for your transaction appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You can select the transaction amounts to see a breakdown for each total.

  2. If the transaction you selected has a status of Not Posted, to send it to Accounting, select Post Summary.

Change your Accounting Integration settings

If you've set up Accounting Integration and want to change the Accounting company you've linked to, or how your Payroll information is sent to Accounting, to make the changes:

  • From the Accounting tab, select Change Setup.

Change the Accounting company you are linked to

When you change the company you're linking to, any unsaved changes from your current link are saved. You can then return to the original linked Accounting company if you need to.

To change the linked Accounting company:

  1. From the Change Setup page, select Change Company, then Continue.

  2. Select Setup Now you are then taken through the normal set up process.

Change how your pay run information is sent to Accounting

When you change the way Payroll sends information to Accounting, existing transactions are not affected.

  1. From the Change Setup page, you can select different options for the Payment Type Mapping and Pay Component Mapping sections as required.

  2. Once you've made your changes, select Save.

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