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Duplicate employee profile created - Sage 50 Payroll integration

Steps to take if a duplicate employee record has been created in after uploading payslips from Sage 50 Payroll (UK only).

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If you have Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll, if you notice a duplicate profile for an employee, this is because they've been added twice using different email addresses.

📎NOTE: The most common scenario of this happening is when:

  1. You add an employee in Sage HR manually or import them via a CSV template.

  2. You add them in Sage 50 Payroll and entered an email address that doesn't match exactly what it says in Sage HR.

  3. You upload the employee's payslip to link their Sage 50 Payroll and Sage HR profiles together.

  4. The email addresses don't match, so a new employee profile is created in Sage HR with a different email address.

What do I do with the duplicate record?

The first thing you need to do is establish which profile in Sage HR is the one with the correct email address.

Once you know which profile has the correct email address, terminate and delete the incorrect profile in Sage HR.

📌TIP: If the profile with the incorrect email address has been set up further, for example, you've entered additional details, uploaded documents, assigned time off policies assigned etc. Terminate and delete the employee after you've done this setup again for the correct profile. Just so you can check and compare whether you've missed anything.

If the profile you're left with is connected to Sage 50 Payroll and is the correct email address, then there isn't anything else you need to do.

Employee profile says 'Missing payroll information'

If the profile you're left with has a warning message of 'Missing payroll information' or 'We can't find [Employee] in Sage 50cloud Payroll', then you need to make sure it matches the email address exactly in Sage 50 Payroll before you upload payslips again.

If the email address doesn't match then another duplicate profile will be created instead of linking the HR and Payroll records together.

  1. Copy the email address in the employee's Sage HR profile.

  2. Log into Sage 50 Payroll.

  3. Open the employee's record, then click on the Analysis tab.

  4. Next to the Email address paste the email address you copied from Sage HR. Make sure it matches, and there are no spaces.

  5. Click Save, then upload the employee's payslips to link the Sage HR and Sage 50 Payroll records together.

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