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How to reset your password when you cannot log into Sage HR.

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If you set up your access to Sage HR from your welcome email but have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

📎NOTE: If you've not yet received a welcome email please get in touch with your employer to check what email address they have set you up with.

Do you use Sage account or Sage HR login to access Sage HR?

Sage account login

If your Sage HR company is integrated with payroll software for online payslips, or the Sage HR company has Sage accounts enabled then you log in using a Sage account. See the screenshot above as an example.

To reset your password you must follow the steps in our Sage account login guide.

Sage HR login

If you never use a Sage account login to access your Sage HR company, and the login page remains like the screenshot above after you enter your email address, then you use a Sage HR login.

Steps to reset password for Sage HR login

If you don't use Sage HR to access payslips, follow the steps below to reset your forgotten password.

  1. Visit

  2. Click Forgot your password?.

  3. You are then sent an email to make a new password.

  4. Enter your email address again, then click RESET PASSWORD.

    If the email address is a recognised Sage HR login password, you

📌TIP: If you don't see it in your main inbox folder, please check all inboxes and spam/junk folders or try resetting your password once more in case you made any typos.

Please also check with your employer that the email address you are using matches the one they have set you up with and that you don't use a Sage account login.

📎NOTE: If you didn't manage to change your password in the given time period, you will see a message "Reset password token is invalid". In this case, get an admin user to contact our support team via chat to send you a new reset link.

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