Sage HR modules

  • Core HR - Announcements can be sent to specific employees

  • Core HR - Training can be added via the quick Action (➕) menu on the top right

  • Core HR - Users can now add Identification Numbers and National Insurance/Tax Numbers to an employee’s profile

  • Core HR - Documents - The signature field on an eSignature document can now be resized

  • Core HR - The recipe for training expiration has been updated to reference 'expired training' instead of 'training expiration'

  • Timesheets - A reminder is shown to extract timesheet data when a user terminates an employee

  • Timesheets - Improvements to employee timesheets reports mean they show overtime to be paid out and/ to be given to a time off policy

  • Timesheets - Project Timesheets - Zero-hour records have been removed from project hours to improve performance

  • Timesheets - Timesheet reports now include columns for 'To pay out' and 'Given to XXX policy'

  • Timesheets - Hourly calculator report now shows Overtime for any period

  • Recruitment - Time slots for scheduling an interview are now offered from Midnight to Midnight. This helps for meetings across time zones

Sage HR app

  • The app has now been deprecated for Android Operating Systems older than 7.1.1. A message now shows a message to users on systems older than this that their version will no longer be updated

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