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If you want to show an employee's race and ethnicity on their profile, you must assign them to one.

You can either do this from your settings or via their profile.

Assign Race/Ethnicity via profile

  1. Go to the employee's profile.

  2. Click on the Personal tab of their profile menu.

  3. Scroll down to Race & Ethnicity.

  4. Click on the drop-down, then select the relevant option.

  5. Scroll down and click Save.

Assign Race/Ethnicity via settings

  1. Click your name in top-right corner, then click Settings.

  2. On the General setting menu, click Employee data.

  3. Click Race & Ethnicity.

  4. Next to the relevant Race/Ethnicity, click Eligibility.

  5. Select the relevant employee(s), then click Save.

When you click on the number under Employees you can see which employees are assigned to that Race/Ethnicity.

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