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Add default checklist item for 1-to-1 meetings
Add default checklist item for 1-to-1 meetings

How to add checklist items to automatically show whenever you create a new 1-to-1.

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If you have a checklist on 1-2-1 meetings, you can create default checklists that automatically show for every new meeting. This is useful for regularly used checklist items, meaning that rather than adding a checklist manually each time you create or review an existing 1-to-1 meeting, it is already there.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Performance, then click 1-to-1.

  3. Scroll down to Default meeting checklist.

  4. Click Add new.

    To show for a manager user, click it under Manager. To show for an employee under Employee.

  5. Name the checklist point, then click Save.

This checklist item now shows on all existing and future 1-to-1s.

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