Your pay is controlled by your employer, so if you have a query about your pay, you must contact your employer or the person in your company who processes your payroll.

Only they can answer this and look into pay queries for you, not Sage support.

Examples of pay queries

Below are some typical questions or queries employee users ask Sage HR support about their pay that can only be answered by their employer:

  • 'My pay is wrong'

  • 'Money hasn't gone into my bank account yet'

  • 'Where is my sick pay?'

  • 'I haven't been paid'

  • 'What dates do I get paid?'

  • 'When is pay day?'

  • 'I'm on the wrong tax code'

  • 'What is my hourly rate?'

  • 'I'm paying too much pension contribution'

  • 'When do I get my payslip?'

  • 'What's my wage?'

  • 'I haven't been given holiday pay'

  • 'How do I claim sick pay?'

  • 'How many hours am I being paid for?'

  • 'What rate am I being paid'?

  • 'What is my tax reference number?'

  • 'When do I get my payment?'

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