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Add child to employee's profile

How to record an employee having a child, which can be used in relation to creating or triggering parental leave time off policies.

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If an employee has children, you have the option to record this on an employee's profile. This is particularly useful for when you create parental leave policies such as maternity leave, which will be triggered based in the information of this child record.

  1. Go to the employee's profile, then click on the Personal tab

  2. Scroll to the bottom then click New child.

    A new modal screen opens to enter information about the child.

  3. If the child has a name, enter one. If they don't have one yet you could enter, for example, TBC for now.

  4. You can enter the relationship to the parent - Son or Daughter. You can leave this blank.

  5. If the child has already been born, enter their date of birth.

    📎NOTE: Commonly used for creating paternity leave policies, as this leave is usually taken by the father or parent who hasn't given birth after the child has been born.

  6. There are then some additional fields you can enter, which can be used for calculating the employee's allowance for certain types of parental leave e.g. maternity leave.

    • Estimated due date - Can be used if the child hasn't been born yet. Commonly used for maternity leave which is usually taken by the mother or parent who will give birth, before the child has been born.

      📎NOTE: The date set must be a future date. If you are adding the child retrospectively and you created the policy to be triggered by expected due date you must enter the actual date of birth, then create a new parental leave policy which is triggered by child date of birth.

    • Adoption date - Used for adoption leave.

    • Date of death - Used for bereavement leave.

  7. If required, you can select whether the child has special needs.

  8. When done, click Create.

The child is now listed under Children in the employee's Personal tab. You can edit or delete this child record at any time.

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