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Can't see other employers when logged in
Can't see other employers when logged in

What to do if another company doesn't appear as an option to switch to when you're logged in to a Sage HR company.

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When you log in to Sage HR if the same email address has been used for another company that also uses Sage HR, you can switch between these companies.

EXAMPLE: You can log in to Company A, then switch to Company B to view your payslips or time off requests in that company.

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Why wouldn't I see another employer?

When you click on your company name, if you aren't provided with a list of other companies, this means one of the following.

Other employer set you up under a different email address >

If your other employer hasn't used the same email address that another employer has, then you won't see them listed when logged into one of them in Sage HR.


As the email addresses are different, when you log into Company A, to access Company B you need to log out of Company A first, then log into Company B with your other email address.

You don't exist in your other employer's Sage HR company >

If your other employer has terminated or deleted you from their company, or they haven't even added you yet, then they won't appear in your company list.


Company A and Company B both use Sage HR and added you using [email protected].

Company B has terminated or deleted you from their company.

Other employer doesn't use Sage HR >

Just because your employer uses Sage, doesn't mean they use Sage HR as their payslips portal. They may use Sage Employee Online Services instead.

If your other employer doesn't use Sage HR, they won't appear in your company list when you log into Sage HR.


As Sage HR and Sage Employee Online Services are different portals:

Checks I need to make

Does your employer use Sage HR or Sage Employee Online Services?

Find out from your employer what HR/payslips portal they use. For example, if they use Sage Employee Online Services instead of Sage HR.

📌TIP: If they use Sage Employee Online Services it says so on your welcome email and payslip notification emails. These emails also direct you to to log in.

What email address has your employer used?

Find out from your employer what email address they used. Confirm it's the same email address used by your other employers.

If they have used a different email address, if you want it to be the same as one used for a different company, you need to tell that employer so they can change it for you.

📎NOTE: There may be circumstances where they're unable to add you using the same email address used by another Sage HR company.

Do you exist in your employer's company?

Find out whether you still appear in your employer's company.

  • Have they added you yet?

  • Have they terminated you?

  • Have they deleted you?

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