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Employees not getting email notifications
Employees not getting email notifications

What to check if an employee is not receiving email notifications sent by Sage HR.

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Certain actions performed in Sage HR can trigger an email to be sent from Sage HR to another employee. Whether this is a notification about a task, a new document to sign, a published announcement, or a published payslip (Sage HR Online Services only).

If someone isn't receiving any email notifications, make the following checks.

Check employee has email notifications turned on

If Sen notifications option isn't selected within Personal settings of an employee's profile, they won't receive any emails.

  1. Go to the employee's profile.

  2. When on the Employee tab, scroll down to the bottom and click Personal settings.

  3. Make sure the option Send notifications by email is selected.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Check to see whether the employee now receives email notifications.

If this setting was already selected, or the employee still isn't receiving notifications by email, move on to the next section.

Check junk or spam folder

Ask your employee to check their junk or spam folder and check their email security doesn't block the email address [email protected].

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