In Sage HR, by default there isn't a bank account detail fields. If your employer has created a custom field for these details, they will either be in the Employee or Personal tab in your profile.

If you need to update your bank account details with your employer, what you need to do depends on whether this is something available to amend yourself in Sage HR.

I have a bank details field that I can edit

If you need to update your bank details, and you have you field that you have access to amend yourself, simply make the required changes, then remember to click Save.

Example of custom bank details field created in Sage HR.

Depending on how your employer has set up Sage HR, they may automatically get notified about this change. To make sure, we recommend you contact your employer directly, just to make sure they these details have been updated.

I have a bank details field, but I can't edit it

If you can't edit your custom bank details field, please contact your manager, HR admin, or anyone who has access to amend this on your behalf.

Example of custom bank details field that can't be edited by someone without access to.

I don't have a bank details field

If you don't have a field anywhere in Sage HR to add or update your bank account details, this means your employer doesn't have one created, or they haven't made it available to you.

Either way, please get in contact with your employer directly to inform them of your updated bank account details so they can update their records.

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