Print payslips and P60s

How to print a payslip or P60 that you've downloaded from Sage HR (UK only)

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We'll explain how you can print your payslips and P60s. First of all, we just need to clarify what device you are using to access Sage HR Online Services.

What device are you using?


If you need to print payslips or P60s when viewing them via the website version of Sage HR Online Services, simply download the payslip as a PDF, then print it like you would any other PDF.

Once downloaded, open the PDF then click the printer icon. Then follow your on-screen instructions to select your relevant printer and print the PDF.


If you're using your phone to access your payslips, you must make sure you're using the Sage HR app, not your phone's mobile internet browser, e.g. Safari on an iPhone or Chrome on an Android.

When logged into the Sage HR app, when you tap on a payslip or P60 to view it when you tap Share, you are presented with your mobile sharing and saving options - Read more >

One of these options, for example, on an iPhone, is Print. So if your phone is connected to a printer you can print the payslip or P60 directly from your phone.

If you need help on how to set up print something straight from your phone you will need to visit the website of the producer of your phone, for example, Apple, Samsung, etc.

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