When you create a working pattern, if there is a period of time where employees will be working hours that differ to their usual pattern, you can create a custom pattern that applies for certain date ranges.

EXAMPLE: Your working pattern may be 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday however you have two week period in December where the hours are only 9am - 2pm, Monday to Friday. You could create a custom pattern for Week 51: Monday 19 - Sunday 25 December and Week 52: Monday 26 December - Sunday 1 January. For these two weeks hours a custom pattern will be used rather than the default working pattern.

We'll explain how to create a custom working pattern in the steps below.

📎NOTE: We advise to only use custom working patterns for short term periods, not as a long term solution for alternating working patterns.

⚠️CAUTION: Please be aware custom working patterns are not currently designed to impact time off, only to pre-fill the different hours into Timesheets if you have the pre-filling setting enabled. If a holiday is requested during the custom working pattern period, and a time off policy is based on working patterns, the time off request will only look at the main working pattern when working out how many hours to deduct.

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Employment statuses & Working patterns, then click Working patterns.

  3. Scroll down to Working patterns.

  4. On an existing working pattern, click on the calendar icon.

  5. Click Add new.

  6. You can select a week range, or a specific date range.

    You add multiple different ranges.

  7. Once you're done, scroll down and click Save.

  8. You can then see the added custom pattern listed.

    These custom patterns can be edited, duplicated. or deleted.

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