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Prevent access to other employee's profiles
Prevent access to other employee's profiles

How to stop certain users being able to view other employees' profiles depending on their permissions.

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It is possible to prevent certain types of users in Sage HR from being able to view other employees' profiles.

Someone being able to access another employee's profile is controlled by the Access employee information permission of the role they're assigned to.

When you configure the permissions of the role, if you don't want someone to be able to see someone else's information, make sure they're assigned to a role that only has Myself selected for the 'Access employee information' permission.

📎NOTE: An administrator by default can do and see everything in Sage HR. If you don't want an administrator to view an employee's profile, you must take away their administrator access.

If a user is assigned to more than one role, the role with less restrictive permissions overrules the stricter role permissions.

EXAMPLE: Someone is assigned to 'Employee' where access to employee information is set to Myself, but they're also assigned as a Team manager, which access to see employee information includes Teams where I am a manager. This means the user will be able to view other employees' information, but only employees they are a team manager for.

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