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Reviewing goals progress

The 'Goals overview' tab provides a summary of the progress made towards goals, broken down by company, team, and individuals

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The 'Goals overview' tab is a summary of the progress made towards goals, These are broken down by company, team, and individuals.

In this section, you can review goals that are in progress. These are goals that have at least one Key Result or OKR so we can measure progress made towards completing these goals.

📎NOTE: Goals displayed here are based on visibility settings (public or private).

What's inside the Goals Overview tab?

Progress summary

An overview of the progress of each type of goal. These percentages are an average of the progress of each type of goal in a given period.

By default, the period is set to the current quarter but this can be modified by opening the filters and choosing a different period.

Company goals

Inside the Company goals section, you can review the progress of Company goals. Employees can only see Company goals that are set to 'public', while Admins can see both public and private goals.

Team goals

Inside the Team goals section, you can review the progress of goals assigned to each team. When opening the section, choose the team you want to see and the goals display under the name of the team.

Employees can only see Team goals that are set to public, or goals that are set to be visible only to their own team and manager. The same as Company goals, Admins are can see all public and private goals.

Individual goals

Inside the Individual goals, the section is all the personal goals assigned to specific employees.

These are goals that have been created under the Personal Goals tab by the same employee or goals that have been created under the My employee tab by the employee's Direct Manager.

How is progress calculated?

Progress is calculated based on the number of Key Results or OKR goals has and how many of those have been completed.

EXAMPLE: I've created one personal goal for this quarter with four Key Results/OKRs.

My goal: 'Improve the brand reach through Content Marketing'

Key Results/OKR for my goal:

1. Write four blog articles.

2. Increase the number of readers by 10%.

3. Share the article in three different channels.

4. Capture 10 new leads.

In the example above, each Key Results/OKR represents 25% of my goal. If I would complete one of them, then my progress towards the goal would be 25%. Meaning, that I would need to complete the three others to achieve a 100%.

Reviewing goal's progress by period, team, and employee

In the Goals overview tab, you'll see the 'filter goals' green button, this button opens a new section that will allow you to review the progress of specific groups' goals accordingly to the period you choose.

Filtering by period

The period filter is flexible enough to adjust to any methodology your organization might use.

So, what can you do?

  • Filter progress by quarter ✅

  • Filter progress by year ✅

  • Filter progress in a custom period ✅

Filtering by team and employee

In the filters section, you'll notice two other possibilities:

  • Team goals filter - You can select the goals of a specific team (or teams) that will be displayed in the Team Goals section.

  • Employee filter - Choose to see the individual goals of a specific employee(s) but also, the goals where this employee is an owner or collaborator. If there is any, this is displayed inside the Team and Company goals section, according to the type of goal.

Please note, that these filters work independently, and filtering team goals will only affect the team goals section specifically.

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