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Document doesn't show as signed

What to do if someone has told you they have signed a document, but it doesn't show as signed in Sage HR.

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When you create an eSignature document, and upload it to recipients, you can track the status of the signatures.

If a document still has a document status of Awaiting signatures, but the recipient says they have signed it, there are some checks you should make.

Ask to check that the document has been signed

Check with recipient that they have indeed signed the document. This is just in case they are mistaken, signed a different document, or it didn't work.

Check they submitted after signing the document

When they sign a document, a common mistake made is to forget to click Submit and Close at the top of the document after signing it. The document isn't classed as signed until this has been done.

Ask the employee to check they have submitted the signed document, and also clicked Close.

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