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Request a new employee to be recruited
Request a new employee to be recruited

How to request a new employee to be hired.

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If you need a new employee for a position, depending on your permissions, you can request one to be recruited.

If approved, this begins the recruitment process in your Sage HR.

  1. Click on the ➕ at the top.

  2. Select Request employee.

    📎NOTE: If this option doesn't appear, an admin needs to enable it in Requisition settings.

  3. Fill out the Request new employee form, then click Request.

    📎NOTE: The fields on this form are customised and controlled in the Requisition settings.

Once requested, this request shows under the Requisitions tab in the Recruitment section in Sage HR. Click Recruitment, then click Requisitions.

The position sits under Awaiting approval until it has been approved.

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