Set up requisition

Set up being able to request a new employee to be hired.

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Requisition settings are where you can control being able to allow users in Sage HR to request a new employee to be hired to fill a position that is deemed necessary.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Recruitment, then click Requisition.

    📎NOTE: Any changes you make, remember to click Save at the bottom

Employee requisition

To be able to request a new employee, you need to select Enable employee feature.

This feature allows to set up your formal process for requesting new employees with approval and a clear status for each request.

Once enabled Request employee appears as an option when you click on ➕ at the top.

Select who can request a new employee

The following can have access to request a new employee if selected

  • All hiring managers (from recruitment groups)

  • All direct managers

  • All team managers

  • Specific employees- if selected, you are promoted to select the relevant specific employee(s)

Select who you want to approve employee requisitions

You can either have this be a direct manager of the person who is making the employee requisition or it can be a specific employee. If a specific employee select the relevant employee(s).

Enable requiring a second approver

If you would like there to be a second approval process, select Require second approval step.

Then same as for the first approver, either select Direct manager or a specific employee.

Custom fields

These are the fields that show when you fill out the online form for a requisition request.

Example of request form

Amend an existing custom field

  1. The field must have a title.

  2. Select a type. Your options are: Text, Text Area, Date or Drop down.

  3. If required, select to make it a mandatory field

  4. Select whether Anyone or only a HR administrator can see or update this field.

    To move the order of your fields, click on the arrows

Create a new custom field

To add another custom scoll down to the bottom, thend click Add custom field.

A new custom field appears. You can then amend this how you want it.

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