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Set up your non-payslips account from your welcome invite
Set up your non-payslips account from your welcome invite

What to do when you receive your welcome email to set up access to Sage HR

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When your employer sets you up for Sage HR, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to use Sage HR.

📎NOTE: The steps below are for welcome emails sent to employees using Sage HR, not for online payslips. If you've been sent a welcome email for Sage HR to view your payslips, please follow the steps in this guide instead.

Open your welcome email

The welcome email provides you with your company's Sage HR URL. In the example below the Sage HR URL is It's workspace or domain is overlookhoteloc.

To access your account click on Reset password.

Enter your password and password confirmation then click CHANGE MY PASSWORD.

📎NOTE: The password must match at least 3 out of these 4 conditions:

  • Lowercase letter

  • Uppercase letter

  • Number

  • Special character e.g. @%*!

You're then automatically log in and see your dashboard.

From now on you can sign in at either the main website at or your company's Sage HR URL, [subdomain] Just enter your email address and new password.

Not received a welcome email?

If you have not received a welcome email yet, please check the following:

  • Your junk/spam folder - ensure your email security does not block the email address: [email protected]

  • Check with your employer that they have sent it

  • Check with your employer that they have entered the correct email address for yourself when they set you up.

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