Configure clock in and out notifications

Choose how to inform employees and managers of clock in and out infractions.

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When you set up clocking in, this allows you to know when an employee is running late for work or working late, because you can see that they have not clocked in or clocked out.

This article explains how to set up clocking in settings to ensure managers and employees do not receive too many notifications about infractions.

📎NOTE: To do this you need the Timesheets module and have admin-level access to Sage HR company account or the Timesheets module. You must also have enabled clocking in and out in your Timesheets settings.

Get to Time clocking settings

  1. Click on your name on the top right then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Timesheets.

  3. Click Time clocking.

There are two general settings - Time clocking rounding and Automatically clock out:

Time clocking rounding

Choose how specific you want the clock in time to be down to. Whether that is a minute, every 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

📎NOTE: It always rounds down the number.

EXAMPLE: 5 minutes rounding means if an employee clocks in at 18:03, it records as 18:00. If an employee clocks in at 18:06, it records as 18:05. If an employee clocks in at 18:14, it records as 18:10 etc.

Automatically clock out:

An employee is automatically clocked out by the system if they forget to do it.

EXAMPLE: If John Doe clocks in at 09:00 and forgets to clock out, the system
will clock out John at 21:00 with the below configuration of 12 hours.

Alerts and warning icons

You switch on whether you want warning icons to appear on timesheets for days where employees have manually edited clocked-out hours.

When you enable Warning icons there are icons in the timesheets for those employees who manually changed their hours.


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