Allow employees to turn overtime into TOIL

You can set up overtime settings so that employees can move worked overtime hours to a selected time off policy.

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In Sage HR you can provide your employees with a choice regarding their overtime hours when they enter and submit their timesheets.

You can allow your employees to opt in for additional time off in exchange of worked overtime hours (time off in lieu) - or ask for these hours to be paid out. It is also possible for employees to split their overtime hours so that part of them are paid out, and the rest accrued as time off i.e. time off in lieu (TOIL).

📌TIP: If you have created a specific TOIL time off policy, this would be an ideal time off policy to select for overtime hours to be moved to. However, it can be any time off policy you have created.

Setting up

What do I need to set it up?

Adjusting settings

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Timesheets, then click Overtime.

  3. Under Allow employees to move overtime to time off policy, select the relevant time off policy from the drop-down list e.g TOIL. This policy will receive overworked hours from employees for further usage.

  4. Once you select a time off policy, you must decide whether you want an employee to be able to select how many hours they want to be paid and how many they want to move to a selected policy.

    To allow this split, select Allow to split between paying with salary & give to selected policy.

5. Once you have chosen your settings, click Save.

How does this look for an employee?

If an employee has logged some overtime into a timesheet that they are submitting, the system will behave based on active selection in a setting you configured above:

If 'Allow to give only to selected policy' is enabled

When a submitted timesheet is approved, employees' overtime hours are converted into hours or days. in a time off policy which has been specified in the settings.

If 'Allow to split between paying with salary & give to selected policy' is enabled

When submitting a timesheet, employees can specify how many hours are to be paid out and how many are to be moved into a selected policy - as shown on a screenshot below.

Submitting a timesheet notifies their timesheet approver. This Approver receives a notification and can view, and even override the distribution of hours before approval.

Can I get a report that shows hours moved by my employee?

Yes. Once settings are enabled, all hours moved to a time off policy are observable in a timesheet export. This export can be found at the bottom of every timesheet.

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