Set up general onboarding workflow or customise one based on employee's team, department or position. Below are examples of tasks to include in a general onboarding workflow.

Before the first day

  • Discuss role, goals & projects with the direct manager
  • Add the employee to the organisational chart
  • Prepare employees workstation
  • Create an account, for example Sage HR, company email, Slack etc. and provide access
  • Prepare benefit package
  • Complete all new hire forms
  • Prepare for new hire training
  • Prepare your new hire paperwork - For example, employment agreement, A non-disclosure agreement etc.
  • Prepare your new hire's tech - For example, laptop, mobile, screen, headsets etc.
    Order business cards and/or a desk nameplate
  • Arrange for new employee ID card or building access fob
  • Arrange for parking access, if needed
  • Send your new hire a welcome email telling them what to expect. Include maps, meeting details, etc.

A new hire's first day

  • Welcome to the team and office tour
  • Provide employee handbook and answer any questions employee may have
  • Review all policies, such as safety and security policies
  • Introduce to company culture
  • Meet to check over the paperwork
  • Arrange lunch with some of key team members

A new hire's first week

  • Review employee performance evaluations and set goals;
  • Give an employee any initial assignments;
  • Check that the equipment assigned to the employee is functioning and answer related questions.

A new hire's first month

  • Provide feedback
  • Ask feedback - if you have the Performance module enabled, you can use Surveys for this task
  • Review past and upcoming assignments.

After probation period

  • Ask for feedback on your onboarding process (if you have Performance module enabled, you can use Surveys for this task);
  • Feedback on direct manager;
  • Feedback from the direct manager on a new hire (if you have Performance module enabled, you can use Feedback for this task);
  • Set future performance and development goals.
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