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Freezing Key Results in Goals (OKRs)
Freezing Key Results in Goals (OKRs)

Pause the key results of a goal to focus on business-critical objectives

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When reviewing Goals (or OKRs) during a 1-to-1 meeting, parties may agree to temporarily discard some of the key results that are not relevant in the current business flow. These key results you can 'freeze' in two clicks. Key results can be easily re-instated later by unfreezing them.

  1. When you are in Goals or OKRs, click and open up a Goal.

  2. Next to each Key result, you can find a snowflake button ❄️next to each Key result. These controls appear when hovering the cursor a particular key result.

  3. Clicking the snowflake icon will prompt confirmation of whether you want to freeze the key result. If you click Yes, go ahead the chosen key result will be shown as greyed out.

When the key result is frozen, the Goal completion rating recalculates to exclude the influence of frozen key results. The progress on a key result is still saved. Frozen key results can be move or edited when necessary.

To undo it, click on the ❄️and follow the same instructions to unfreeze.

How does freezing a key result affect the Goal weights?

If a key result is frozen, its weight is nullified. Such key result won't appear in key result weights, while its weight is redistributed between other key results.

If a key result is unfrozen, it gets allocated an even weight value, while the weights of other key results are reduced to the necessary amount.

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