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Multi-step time off approvals
Multi-step time off approvals

Do you really need multi level approval process?

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Some companies have a strict structure how time off is approved by needing it to be approved via a chain of multiple employees. While this does make sense, we encourage our customers to think from a different perspective - how to make things simpler and speed up the time off process.

Having a chain of multiple approvers dramatically increases the time it takes to approve a simple time off request. In practice, when only a single employee is approving time off, it happens much faster and in today's environment time efficiency matters. This is why we recommend to only have a single time off approver.

How to notify multiple people without creating multiple approvers?

Instead over having multi approvers in Sage HR you can have a single approver, but create a recipe to send a notification to specific employees when a colleague or team member has a time off request approved. This way relevant people know about the time off, but the time off process is not slowed down by multi approval.

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