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Sage HR Essentials - Frequently Asked Questions
Sage HR Essentials - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions asked about Sage HR Essentials.

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Check out our FAQ about Sage HR Essentials within the Sage Payoll (UK) knowledgebase.

Examples of questions covered in the FAQ:

  • What Sage HR Essentials?

  • Is there a cost to Sage HR Essentials?

  • Do I have to use Sage HR Essentials?

  • How do I start using Sage HR Essentials?

  • Can I merge my Sage HR Essentials company with my other existing Sage HR company?

  • Can I remove the time off functionality in Sage HR Essentials if I don't need it?

  • Is 2FA available in Sage HR Essentials?

  • Can leavers access their payslips in Sage HR Essentials?

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