Synchronising your Sage HR calendar to your daily office suite is a great way to see who is off and when against other business appointments.

📎NOTE: If you need to Sync your calendar to Google - Read more >

⚠️ CAUTION! If you follow the below steps, iCal, Microsoft 365 or Outlook will receive information of your own events such as dates, policy names, details... and also information from the events of other colleagues that you are able to see in your Calendar.

📎NOTE: This feature depends on the configuration of the external service.

To synchronise iCal, Microsoft 365, Outlook:

  1. On the main menu, click on Calendar

  2. Towards the top right of the calendar, press Sync with my calendar.

3. In the overlay copy the Webcal URL

4. Go to your third party application (iCal, Outlook, etc).

5. You will need to "subscribe" to your calendar.

Here is a list of articles you can ready to synchronise in your software:


Once done you will see pending requests, approved requests and any edited request in your integrated calendars.

📎NOTE: If you ever 'unsync' your calendar it doesn't always automatically remove any previously sync'd events in your email provider calendar. If they aren't removed, you will need to manually remove them.

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