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Employee turnover reports
Employee turnover reports

How to see a report on your employee turnover.

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Employee turnover can be a real killer cost in your company. However, in Sage HR the monthly turnover rate is automatically calculated for you.

To get to this report:

  1. On the main menu, click Reports.

  2. Click HR Dashboard, then click Employee turnover.

Based on your employees' start dates and those that have been terminated in the same period, we calculate your turnover rates and show them in a chart.

  • Monthly or Yearly

  • All time, Last 12 months, or this year e.g 2020

  • All termination types, Voluntary, or Involuntary

  • All locations, specific locations you have created, or Employees without location

  • All positions, specific positions, or Employees without position.

If you want to export the report, just click Export underneath the chart.

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